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Over the years, the use of Machine Learning in real life has increased manifold. Be it the diagnosis of cancerous cells or the prediction of stock market prices, machine learning models are being utilized extensively. With the sudden spurt of machine learning, our focus has turned to methods that improve and optimize its performance.

Feature selection is one such method.

In feature selection, we find the optimal feature subset that contributes most to our predicted variable. The computational ability of machine learning models depends a lot on the feature set. …

Canteen Hub

A Design Sprint at Design Studio, IIT-Roorkee proved to be quite a great exposure for me in the field of UI/UX Designing. As my first task as a fresher, I had to pick a topic from a lot with a motive to dig deeper into the matter and propose a concept app that could help to solve the problem.

My topic was CANTEEN ORDER.

My Perception of the topic

A few of the questions that popped up at very first were — How to place canteen order? Can there be an alternative to the conventional method of food delivery system…

Radha Jayaraman

Undergrad @ IIT Roorkee

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